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We invite you to be in the flow and not against it Hear the work on your bodies Listen to its needs at all levels Rest and breathe deeply. You are entering an amazing era And love is your guide". January 20, This is an energy of light and information Coming from the deepest parts of the multiverse Brought in you to help you on your path Heal through it Let it be your guide Your guiding light when your heart is healing from within. Your aim is to gain more wisdom and truth You no more can live in the past you have been during your entire life As your purpose is not the same When bringing this healing light in you Your frequency is shifting more than you once did You can feel it in your bodies Physical and energetic You will no more allow any lower frequency to come and try to manipulate you You are seeing more than ever now The way entities are able to come trying cross your energetic body and take your energy off of you.

Connect to your inner magic This magic is all about you You are the traveller of the universes! January 16, The new wave that has been coming through you will be able to heal your heart's wounds. Let It enter you. And then you will come back to the first time you have been feeling the pure light of wisdom and truth.

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  • L' « Histoire littéraire de la France » et l'érudition bénédictine au siècle des Lumières.

For these are times of wisdom and truth as its energy is shifting and flowing more and more in your life. You may have experienced huge uploads of crystalline energy. It may be tough for you old souls, but this is what you are meant to receive and you are doing well. Let it be in you as it is upgrading you. The wave is shifting flowing from higher dimensions. These are very high planes of pure light.


You have been connecting with waves from the 5D to 9D. But now the waves are sent from dimensions higher than 9D to help you upgrade and start your ascension to the 6D frequency and Template. For this, you have to be patient and let the process be a good transition from your present energy to the future one.

Your energy is shifting as your energetic bodies receive more and more intense healing. Take care and allow yourself time to adjust to the new wave coming now. This phase is part of your journey and what you came here to do. So remember you have to be at the right place at the right time. This wave knows all about you.

Each of you. It is a very subtle but powerful energy bearing subtle messages. They are key light codes connecting you to your soul's mission. Maybe you're feeling exhausted.

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With buzzing and burning hands. This wave is of a higher vibration. Once this is complete in you, the process to do more healing than before will be at work in your body. It is already activated. But not in everyone. You are not equal in the way you receive these waves. It is related to your healing process and your current soul development.

The soul is an energy of light you have been identified with - it is as you are, corresponding to the sum of your being. It is you at a multidimensional level. Connecting more to your inner light is the connection more and more to your soul. For this is the time for New alignements. A New shift is on.

The portal is opening more these days. This is the first wave of your first 11 Era And all is intensifying in your life Your journey is shining bright lights Your path illuminating your heart Your soul reaching out for all that the energy is allowing you to grab now For yourself. You are walking the path of love You know what is happening in you now And feel the effects of the upcoming energies of light and information in your being You may feel little exhausted for having this fire in your bodies Crystalline lights are like boiling water It enters you Burn you Make you feel alive Transform you in an eternal being of fire As you are fire As fire is you.

Let this time take its place in your heart You are uploading the energy of positive change Upgrading to the New Earth energy field. All is coming in little waves But you can feel them intensely Because ascension cannot wait You are bound to integrate this change into a Higher vibrational being Your frequency is now changing every day Let the process be There you are clearing and cleansing at a higher level Here you are feeling brighter today. You may feel the light shining in you and this is because you allowed the process of being in the light To be part of who you are.

Channeling the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace at its 38 level of crystallization today I keep adjusting. For any healing session, please visit my website and my pages here on Facebook The gate is open. Saute et cours! Tu es le voyageur des univers". The Full Moon In Scorpio. You don't give a way to what you know it is not you, nor your inner truth That is the great sign for self awareness The great experience you are having As you feel connected to your inner You.

What matters is only the way you perceive yourself as a huge part of a big heart It is beating in you as you perceive its vibes and Light. What to do if you feel like you have been there before In that world you are entering with a childlike eyes? You have to trust your inner guidance What others may say of you does not matter anyway anymore You are on your path It is yours and no one can understand it the way you do.

As you heal from all that was limiting you You learn to trust your inner light It will shine brighter and brighter deep inside Many will probably see it. Look at the world It is a creation of your minds If you change your way of seeing it The world will change The old one will fall down And a new one will enter your being You will be able to see it and live in it It will live in you and transform you You will transform it in an eternal cycle of transmutation.

In healing you enter that multidimensional being you all are Nothing will seem strange to your eyes Because you watch yourself and the world from your heart. How many are ready to achieve transformation in them? You ALL are ready deep inside to step up to the next You and bring that healing in you A magnificent era is then opening to you You are fine with it You will notice from how far you came You will see that your path is incredibly beautiful clear and blessing even if it was painful and still does from time to time.

We have been uploading new frequencies during the last two days and nights These are starlight frequencies and codes coming from on high So here is what coming with them :. The light codes are brighter! Just let your vision walk through that gate of Renaissance It shows you who you are and the best you can be The best of what is in store for you In the Marvelous world of the starlight codes. This world is a place where all is stored and cleared and transmuted every time as a part of the eternal movement of the Multiverse.

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  8. We can see that the Earth is changing shape as its crystalline core is intensifying These lights are meant to enhance her central core in terms of crystallization and purification the more the crystal core receives star light codes, the more you will be receiving from it as you stay in the heart sphere and knowledge. We ask you to be humble and creative We ask you to be grateful for what Earth is bringing in YOU A new energy of Love and Compassion and Inspiration We ask you to take care of Gaia as much as you take care of each other and yourselves.

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    Healing is much more intense than ever before. Channeled by me today Theta From Atlantis. Particles of photons spreading the new Light which is the matter of New Earth Crystalline Gaia has emerged from the old dust, and burning hands are feeding her with healing energy and Love and Peace and Grace. We have been sending so much love to all of you Many have been sending its vibes We have been spreading so much light in your souls and hearts and all your bodies We want you to lighten up the energy of healing Lovecompassion in a much deeper way This is your tusk on Earth You need to feel deeper in this sphere of energy flow from within, as it is sent from so far directed to you Within you.

    We want you to know that life is a stream of light shining brighter than you would imagine it Life is a blessing moment for you As you grow wiser and older As you bring back the peace and love we are sending onto the Earth and in you That was our agreement That is still our engagement. We are watching over you from so far But the connection is deeper and stronger than you would imagine!

    We are sharing the energy of Love coming from Source and that is your weapon against any other kind of energy in the entire multiverse.

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    8. Love is the blessing that invades you in every moment you need it Sometimes darkness takes place in you and you can not manage to heal it and transmute it So we are doing that work to help you and help the Earth Placing the old dust in the vortexes of light transmuting the dust to love This work is huge You can feel its energy flowing from within As you feel nauseous and nervous And dark.

      Dear souls We speak to you from the heart to the heart From Source, the center of all of you. Source is in you You only need to be more aware of it. As you walk on your path with your physical shapes, your souls are projected into another dimension to bring back healing in you Your hearts are your inner light shining with the energy of Source Take a moment to look inside of you That is the way you become able to see good and bad in others That is the mirror effect of all things You sent love and you receive love If you see only darkness in you, then you won't be able to see any particle of the starlight codes we are sending in you We have been sending for so long now onto Gaia to help every living creature in its evolutionary process.

      Now is time to open your third eyes and your heart Chakras so that you would bring back that pure Crystalline light of the golden ages into you It is in you To ground yourselves deep into the Earthstar Elementals Deep into its Crystalline core. You just behave harshly as you ignore it You just cannot remember it Work with your souls. As you connect more to your souls with your hearts You connect to the multiverse in you You are brighter than you could see and imagine now So much love and compassion and Magic are in you Keep up the faith Keep on the quest It is part of your journey It is who you are : Starlight codes made of Magical particles Open your hearts to the unknown in your life You are watching the change in you Be sure it is the way to heal your wounds and to move on, beyond the layers of obstacles that you surrounded yourselves with.

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      Ce sont vos doutes, votre mental, vos egregores qui vous font reculer et chaque pas en avant est un affront pour l'ombre. Archange Metatron. Vous la sentirez dans cette dimension 3D affaiblie. C'est une transmutation progressive qui est la. Nous vous montrons le chemin, vous vous dirigez ou pas, ce chemin est celui de votre coeur. La terre se transforme en vous et vous en elle.

      Elle est ta nourriture spirituelle. N'en doute pas. En ces grands moments, beaucoup de portails sont ouverts, d'autres encore vont s'ouvrir, vous les verrez, sentirez, observerez, y entrerez. Tout change vite, plus vite que vous le pensez vraiment, tout est en transmutation, tout va vers le Renouveau. The Cristal World is a safe one,.

      You are going through changes no matter what,. But now I AM giving confirmation of your thoughts.

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      These times will seem more and more crazy for some of you. Hard for others,. But by shutting doors, others open. You just have to go on entering.