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Go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development. The Iranians fired back, but quietly. The next day, thousands of computers on Sands networks were wiped clean of files. It was a classic Iranian approach to cyberwar.

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It also was retaliation for a perceived offense. Adelson had cavalierly talked about Iranian nuclear annihilation. So Iran hit him in the wallet and made it clear why. Since the attack on the Sands, however, there have been no known major destructive attacks by Iranian hackers against an American target.

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But it's been nothing like the years that preceded the Sands attack. Famously, the US, in conjunction with Israel, eager to hamper Iranian development of nuclear weapons, developed one of the most destructive cyberattacks ever revealed, the Stuxnet worm, and deployed it in For two years before it was discovered, it caused an estimated 1, Iranian centrifuges to malfunction and destroy themselves, setting back Iranian nuclear research by a year or more. Then the US imposed additional sanctions against Iran in and In return, Iranian hackers began a series of distributed denial of service DDoS campaigns — relatively unsophisticated attacks that overwhelm a network with traffic and knock it offline — against major US financial institutions, including Bank of America, Citigroup, and PNC.

All told, 46 companies were hit between late and early , causing tens of millions of dollars in damage.

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The intrusion caused no damage — at the time, the dam controls were disconnected from the internet for maintenance — and the hackers didn't claim their attack for two years. But the threat that a hacker could damage US infrastructure, long a fear of federal officials, provoked the US in to employ its rarely used tactic of naming seven Iranians it deemed responsible and charging them with crimes, despite the unlikelihood of Iran ever extraditing them.

By then, things had quieted down. Negotiations for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iran nuke deal that eased US sanctions and directed Iran to slow its nuclear enrichment, had been completed, and the deal was being implemented.

Iran tuned its cyber attentions elsewhere, largely to its neighbor and rival, Saudi Arabia. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the annual military parade Sept.

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An end of Iranian cyberattacks was never the intent of the nuclear deal, though it may have been a benefit, said Robert Malley, the senior White House negotiator on the nuclear deal and now a vice president at the International Crisis Group, a think tank that encourages nations to engage in diplomacy to solve problems. Daniel declined to say whether the US had engaged in later cyberattacks against Iran that have not been revealed to the public — such information would be classified.

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Iranians are blamed for continuous attacks on Saudi government computers and telecommunications facilities, said Meyers, who also is a former manager of the State Department's State Cyber Threat Analysis Division. Please note this is a guide only.

Assessment tasks are regularly updated and can also differ to suit the mode of study online or on campus. The University reserves the right to vary the information at any time without notice. Toggle navigation. ITE Cyberwarfare and Terrorism 8.

Muslim Hacktivists Declare All-Out Cyber-War on ISIS

Availability Session 1 Duration One session. School School of Computing and Mathematics. Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this subject, students should: be able to discuss and analyse trends in cyber warfare and terrorism and the increasing impact of such events on the security landscape; be able to compare and contrast the different types of cyber security threats, including cyber terrorism, cyber crime, and cyber warfare; be able to analyse examples of actual cyber terrorist attacks and to explain their motivations, method of operation, and impacts; be able to distinguish between private, corporate, and national cyber attack events and their motivations; be able to analyse the main types of cyber attacks and the various tactics and strategies used during attacks; be able to propose security policy, procedural and technical controls to mitigate the threats of different types of cyber attacks and the risks they present.

Syllabus This subject will cover the following topics: Cyber attacks and defences Cyber espionage Cyber sabotage Cyber politics and vandalism Nation state malware, for example, Stuxnet Cyber attack motivations including hacktivism, private sector, and military Cyber terrorism and cyber warfare Cyber monitoring, surveillance and intelligence SCADA systems and public infrastructure The future of warfare.