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Amethyst: Meanings, Healing Properties and Powers.

The mental aspects of detoxification need to be addressed so that you can process and remove incidents, situations and feelings that are toxic. These situations would benefit from professional counselling. Crystals are able to support the processes of detoxification in two ways: firstly, they support the purification of the tissues of waste and toxins secondly, they encourage the excretion of these substances through the liver and kidneys, the intestines and the skin. Chrysoprase and Green Tourmaline are ideal in this context, as they are supportive on both fronts.

Use the Following Crystal Therapies Chrysoprase is the optimal crystal for detoxification. It helps purify the tissues of polluting substances and excretes these via the lymph system, liver and kidneys. It also liberates you from strain, grief, worries etc.

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Blue chalcedony improves the elimination of toxic substances and waste via the lymph system and their excretion through the kidneys. It should be the crystal of choice in cases of acute illness. This stone is always a sensible choice when the level of excretion through the skin foul smelling sweat and the intestine diarrhoea is too high.

Blue chalcedony is helpful for stress, depressing conflicts and grief. It offers lightness and confidence, it also enables some freedom of discussion about any such worries.

Mineralpedia: mineral photos and pictures with identification guide

Ocean Jasper improves the discharge of waste and toxic substances while at the same time, furthering a gentle continuous detoxification of the tissues. It can be applied both for acute diseases and prophylactic cleansing diets. Crystals that are predominantly green in colour are the most suitable. Peridot stimulates first and foremost the purification of the tissues, eliminating waste and toxic substances and their processing through the liver. Peridot has a very strong effect and sometimes causes violent physical reactions and emotional outpourings of any accumulated annoyances and deep-rooted frustrations.

It should only be applied by the physically and mentally stable who want to detoxify thoroughly. Green Tourmaline helps principally with degenerative processes in the tissues, the nerves or the joints that are caused by the deposition of waste products. This stone also furthers both purification and the excretion of these substances. Green tourmaline encourages patience, an open mind, honesty and sincerity. Wear any of these stones as a bracelet, necklace or a pendant.

Also use as crystal essence drops three times a day or crystal water ml daily. With chrysoprase however take only ml. There are two basic types of the condition referred to under the general term of "diabetes". Type 1 diabetes is the form that is normally understood as "diabetes", it is an intrinsic condition characterised by high blood sugar levels and sugar in the urine.

Crystals in the World around Us

Diabetes manifests mostly as a result of a lack of insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas. Insulin is responsible for the cells absorption of sugar as glucose and the formation of the starch like substance glycogen from the excess sugar. This is normally stored in the liver and the muscles. However, if there is a lack of insulin in the body, sugar levels in the blood rise until the kidneys no longer retain the sugar and excrete it in the urine.

This leads to increased loss of fluid and minerals. The lack of absorption of sugar into the cells and the subsequent loss of fluids and salts cause a weakening of the blood circulation and the muscles, accompanied by a general decrease in energy levels.

Initial symptoms are increased thirst, dryness of the skin and the mucous membranes, frequent urination, tiredness and loss of weight regardless to the amount of food eaten. At a later stage, there may be itching, skin complaints, lack of appetite, slower healing of wounds, eyesight trouble and sexual problems.

Geode Wall Art Sparkles With Glitter And Real Crystals

It the disease is not treated, or when there is a sudden onset, metabolic problems such as nausea, stomach ache, increased respiration, dizziness and mental disorientation right through to unconsciousness diabetic coma , and collapse of the heart and blood circulation may also occur. A slower course of the disease is more common however and with inadequate treatment this may result in gradual damage that become apparent later on.

Along with this, changes in the composition of the blood and its degree of viscosity cause high blood pressure and diseases of the blood vessels arteriosclerosis , which, in turn lead to other symptoms. Type 2 diabetes , or late onset age related diabetes, has to be considered separately. In this type of diabetes, both the level of insulin and blood sugar levels are high. Causes of this type of diabetes may include a clogging of the tissues, this is caused by the consumption of too much animal protein. It may cause problems within the blood vessels and with the supply of nutrients to the cells.

The cells need for a constant supply of nutrients hence the high level of insulin , but they don't receive the ready store of sugars. Type 2 diabetes can, actually be cured completely with a healthy diet that is devoid of animal protein, accompanied by through detoxification. All kinds of diabetes should always be treated under professional and qualified medical guidance. The right balance of therapeutic measures is absolutely essential and, if necessary, a supply of insulin and a special diet.

Crystals that are able to stimulate or further the production and effects of insulin and, if necessary, detoxify and cleanse the tissues, or relieve the above mentioned symptoms and side effects, can be applied as a supplement. In order to access the psychological background of the disease, one should bear in mind that diseases of the pancreas are sometimes caused by a feeling of not being able to understand certain things, such as experiences and life situations, in particular personal loss. This unfulfilled wish to understand often creates mistrust and bitterness. An examination of these circumstances has led to unexpected improvement in some suffers.

Use the Following Crystal Therapies Amber helps with diabetes, especially when excess weight or obesity and continuous frustration with yourself are connected with the disease, or are evident at the same time. Amber furthers a feeling of freedom from care and enhances a move to having a happy attitude overall.

Chalcedony stimulates the production of insulin in the early stages of diabetes and the cleansing of the tissues in Type 2 diabetes. It helps relieve many of the accompanying symptoms, such as disturbances in the balance of body fluids, skin complaints and the mucous membranes, high blood pressure and impaired vision. It also helps you understand and solve the conflicts that have caused the disease. Blue and pink chalcedony are best suited for this. Citrine stimulates the production of insulin, and helps with all symptoms and effects of the disease.

Citrine improves an existing sense of wellbeing and helps sweeten your life. Ocean Jasper stimulates the production of insulin, the cleansing and regeneration of tissues and regulates the balance of fluids. It can be applied for both types o diabetes. It stimulates the recognition and solution of conflicts that are causing the condition.

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  5. Place a crystal on the pancreas, regularly and over a long period. Take crystal essence drops three times a day or crystal water ml taken daily. Diarrhoea is the term used to describe excessive, mostly liquid and frequent stools, which are caused by an inadequate water reabsorption or over secretion of fluids into the colon. It can have many causes. Disturbances within the self cleaning mechanisms of the intensive, infections, inflammations, problems with the digestion or allergies to certain foods, toxification, a hyperactive thyroid gland and various kinds of digestive disturbances are only some of the possible physical causes.

    There may be nervous complaints, feelings of guilt, fear, excitement or emotional and mental confusion. Diarrhoea that lasts for longer periods should not therefore be ignored, but be investigated by a doctor or an alternative practitioner, before further complications can occur caused by a continuous lack of fluid and salts in the system. In order to prevent matters from going too far, diarrhoea can be relieved by eating bananas, blueberries or grated raw apples. The crystals below also have a relieving effect.

    In order to ensure a complete cure, the physical and emotional causes must also be identified and treated. Use the Following Crystal Therapies Amethyst furthers water reabsorption in the colon and is therefore particularly helpful in less severe cases of chronic diarrhoea. It is also very helpful when grief and confusion accompany the diarrhoea. Wear a necklace or a pendant for long periods or regularly place a tumbled stone on the stomach.

    It is also recommended to take crystal essence drops, three times a day and crystal water ml daily. Dumortierite helps with diarrhoea that is caused by problems with certain foods, minor cases of toxification or problems that accompany fear or continuous emotional discomfort. Jet relieves all forms of diarrhoea. For continuous treatment, wear a necklace or a pendant while also taking crystal essence drops, three to five times a day.

    Wear a necklace or a pendant for long periods.

    Discover The Healing Power Of Crystals

    Alternatively, take crystal essence drops daily. There are many kinds of eye problems as well as actual diseases, these range in form from innate sight defects short and long sightedness, weak sightedness, nystagmus, squinting through acquired problems age conditioned long sightedness, tired eyes, increasing ametropia, blurred eyes and others , to diseases or the result of diseases inflammation, glaucoma, cataract, detached retina etc.

    Despite of all the different backgrounds and connections between your sight organs, nerve system, blood circulation, fluid balance and musculature, the same crystals can be used time and again in order to treat nearly all cases of eye problems. Many eye diseases can be connected to the fact you don't wish to see certain things; or are trying to avoid a certain point of view.

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    It is rare to obtain any resolution to this state of affairs and so fretting away over what you don't want to see is pointless. After all, if you knew what the problem was, no doubt you would see! Instead far more effective is to make a general effort to gain new perspectives and points of view. Try to be more tolerant and understanding, in order to try and gain a new sense of spiritual freedom. In this way a new and different point of view may also have a positive influence on your eyes and vision.

    With many eye and sight problem, there is a complexity of interacting causes, i. Usually, there is also a close connection with the state of the liver and the eyes. As a general rule, the most effective solution to eye problems, is one in which all possibilities are considered in consultation with professionals. The applicable treatment is then applied in combination with eye exercises, you can obtain improvement, even with severe eye problems.