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Sweeney's angry ex-wife who came into the WITSEC program with him but has since divorced him and become a local deputy, received an envelope containing photos of what Sweeney just removed from his living room.

God on the Rocks

The dead guy sitting in the saggy recliner:. A grey-toned digital snapshot of the body. His body. The dead wop. Whoever had the camera, they were sitting on Sweeney's sofa. Where Sweeney had sat not a dozen hours ago, smoking a cigarette.


Before the two of them can figure out what to do about this new development, Cheryl shows up. One of Sweeney's old girlfriends, his sidepiece:. The complexion and lips of a porcelain figurine but the teeth of a Kentucky tobacco chewer. Cheryl is now married to Sweeney's mobster cousin, Eddie. She and Eddie have fallen on hard times but have come up with a new scam. They need Sweeney's help to pull it off and promise to cut him in. Sweeney has a dilemma. Author Allen Morris Jones is quick with a quip, and absolutely nails the mob talk that readers are familiar with from the movies.

As for Sweeney, what's not to like? The former mobster has a soft spot for dogs, friends, and old folks, and he tries to help wayward kids. He feels really bad about dumping that guy in the river. Almost penniless he's living the straight and narrow. And even though he knows all the wise guy tricks, he doesn't practice them.

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Sweeney on the Rocks is one of the best crime books out this year. Oh, and more books like this from Allen Morris Jones. Award-winning author C. Enter your keywords. Sweeney on the Rocks.

Author s :. Allen Morris Jones. Release Date:. April 23, Buy on Amazon.

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She lives in the south of England near the sea. Home Catalog God on the Rocks. Jane Gardam God on the Rocks. Jane Gardam God on the Rocks , pp. Where to buy Where to buy Where to buy. Buy from: Indie Bound Amazon.

Dec 30 The Christian Science Monitor: "I haven't read a bad, or even mediocre, book by Gardam yet, and God on the Rocks offers plenty of the wit and humanity that are her trademarks. Rebecca Wait Our Fathers , pp. Brave and urgent, Our Fathers shows how deeply family can wound and how it can offer our greatest solace. When Captain John Lacroix returns home from Spain, wounded, unconscious, and alone, he believes that he has seen the worst of what men may do.

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