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Once I accepted that, I actively began to stop my mind from going to these meaningless places. Every time my mind wandered, I thought, ex-boyfriend obsessing or shoe browsing online? By choosing shoes, I also chose an anxiety-free existence. Truth: I trusted someone else's words over my own gut. Truth: I let someone bring out the worst in me.

Truth: I lived through a deceitful relationship and I know myself better now than I did before.

Turn your negative feelings into positive ones and don't beat yourself up for believing someone else's lies. It happens. I was lucky that MDE never formed real friendships with my friends, or vice versa. However, when a friend of mine broke up with a deceitful boyfriend, mutual friends were abundant. What should you do? My friend didn't ask anyone to choose sides. She didn't give details about their breakup and simply said that their relationship was beyond repair. Did she lose some of those mutual friends?

Shattered Glass

The boys seek help from their neighbor John Sullivan, and in no time he wins Billy's unquestioning loyalty. Despite Tommy's reservations, Sullivan convinces the brothers that the only response to their parents' murder is to convene a local police posse, ride out into the bush, and exact brutal revenge on the man they believe responsible for the crime. Sullivan summons Inspector Edmund Noone and his band of the Native Mounted Police force, and they ride out with varying visions of justice.

Throughout the novel, Tommy serves as a developing moral conscience, questioning the automatic assumptions that white settlers have of the indigenous peoples. Early in the novel, an extended conversation with another Aboriginal stockman, Arthur, opens Tommy's eyes to the powerful fact that Arthur has an entire life and cultural history that have nothing to do with the McBride family: "They had talked together many times, and Arthur knew him probably better than anyone who wasn't blood, but Tommy knew so little in return, hadn't even wondered, in truth.

Time after time, Tommy is a witness to the exploitation and social Darwinism that underwrite the colonial project generally and the search for his parents' murderer more particularly. Not that there was any question of the spoils distracting Guiding Hand's operatives from their objective.

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Several were on the board of directors, and primary agent Arenis Xemdal "rose to a rank sufficient to challenge the CEO's decisions. It took extraordinary effort, meticulous planning, and one moment of spectacularly orchestrated treachery.

Thievery Corporation

Xemdal had convinced Mirial - referred to as 'the objective' by Guiding Hand operatives - to fly her ridiculously valuable Navy Apocalypse alongside his even more ridiculously valuable Imperial Apocalypse "as a show of UQS Ubiqua Seraph might". Another came soon after, when Guiding Hand operative Uuve Savisaalo - tasked with assisting the kill on Mirial - was spotted arriving in system by an Ubiqua Seraph pilot.

These events spooked the objective, who made a short jump before being set upon by Uuve and - in a moment of 'Et tu, Brute' if ever there was one - Arenis Xemdal's Imperial Apocalypse. The ambush was an unprecedented clash of the titans. A Navy Apocalypse is one of the most powerful and valuable ships in the galaxy, but even so, an Imperial Apocalypse is overkill - a few cheap Battleships would suffice.


To use an even more valuable ship was an act of absurd bravado, and one with enormous risks. It's also typical of the Guiding Hand's flair for theatrical excess. But the hard part, according to Shogaatsu, was to then 'pod' Mirial. Podding is the usually spiteful, some say dishonourable act of destroying a victim's escape pod when you've already destroyed their ship. The pod is no threat, and if it's destroyed the victim has to revert to an earlier clone of themselves - sometimes losing skills that take weeks to learn, and in this case losing an incredibly valuable set of cybernetic implants.

For this reason some players log out on ship-death in an attempt to avoid being podded - Mirial included, the Guiding Hand say.

Successful podding was the only way to attain the physical body of the victim, however, and Arenis pulled it off. The moment the go-code was uttered, every Guiding Hand double-agent within Ubiqua Seraph unloaded the contents of their assigned Corp hangar - a communal storage area for trusted corporation members - into their own cargo holds and left. The assets were replaced by a note in each, stating simply that this was an act of the Guiding Hand Social Club. Greetings, everyone - it has been some time since I last stood behind a podium and made a public announcement, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm somewhat out of form.

The reason I stand here before you is to announce that my mercenary outfit, the Guiding Hand Social Club, has completed its most ambitious contract to date.

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Our target was assigned to us many months ago - Mirial of Ubiqua Seraph. Our task was to carry out that which the GHSC has now become known for - to utterly demolish Mirial and bring all who followed her to their knees in one fell swoop. For those many months, we toiled, secreting our operatives among her ranks, steering her organization through a number of insidiously engineered events meant to engender trust and divert their attention from where it should have been.

Early this morning, our hard work bore fruit. Executing a meticulously planned, thoroughly flawless concerto of simultaneous corp-hangar heists, attacks in open space and facility invasions, the Ubiqua Seraph came to know the wrath of the GHSC first-hand. The result shatters any previous records for sheer scale of such an endeavour:. The same forum thread contains a curious post from fellow Guiding Hand operative Zeraph Dregamon, saying simply "What have we here?

Greek Mythology Stories Creation Man Prometheus

According to Shogaatsu, the shot was of Mirial's personal info page, and showed it to contain the sentence: "Friends of the Guiding Hand Social Club. Gaining a corporation's trust enough to rise to a the upper echelons of its hierarchy is hard enough, but this seemed to be evidence of Guiding Hand operatives actually altering the Ubiqua policy even in the eyes of its own CEO.

The name Guiding Hand was starting to make sense. But how could a double-agent exert so much influence over a corporation's political stance? As such, we'd call Mirial's relationship to him moments before the strike Of course, we only have the Guiding Hand's word for this; at time of going to press, Mirial had not responded to our attempts to contact her for comment. It should be noted, too, that Ubiqua Seraph members role-play.