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Golfers have their own version and it takes place on an uncrowded golf course, walking quietly around the green landscape, proceeding at any pace you choose. You meet the most fascinating people with this little leap of faith and you are witness to the most bizarre approaches to playing the game.

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Who needs reality TV? Like one boat shoe. Why and how did that get here? A hat and sunglasses.

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Disgusted, he throws down his hat sunglasses were on the brim. Still, he takes an awkward stance in the swamp and swats at the ball, which soars onto the green to land two feet from the cup. In his follow-through, however, he loses his balance and falls backward.


Boat shoe sticks in moss and calculator falls from pocket. There is the crisp sound of a club face contacting the golf ball with no grass in between. The soft, little plunk heard from the fairway when an approach shot lands on the green.

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The clatter of clubs in the bag bumping along the fairway, a practiced cadence of leisure on the move. There is the silence that follows a shot from the woods, the audio proof that your ball escaped without striking a tree.

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There is the sound of surprised, astonished laughter when you sink a foot putt over hill and dale. Look on the PGA and L. Our aim is to supply clients with the vacation of a lifetime, supported by professional levels of service and expert local knowledge.

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We believe in providing value for money and that the process of reserving your golf holiday should be as easy and efficient as possible. We look forward to preparing a detailed and competitively priced roman golf vacation quotation for your consideration. In the meantime enjoy browsing our website and I wish you all the best.

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Parco di Roma Golf Club. Any custom golf club fitting experience is only as good as the fitter you work with.

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  • Make sure your golf equipment matches your swing characteristics. The short list of variables we need to fit correctly —. Carthage Golf Course provides the best club fitting analysis and service to golfers in our corner of the Four State area! Mastering the game of golf requires a lot of fine-tuning.