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Miley and the Alpha A newly turned werewolf is taken by an Alpha. Animal Lover Ch. Bound to My Mate Ch. Miley and the Alpha Ch. Dante makes a discovery. Omega Pride Ch. The Council Ch. Young Wolves Ch. Wolf Lake Ch. Alpha Protection Ch. Wolf's Kiss Ch. Cats and Dogs Ch. Crossing Moon Ch. Guardian Wolf Ch. My orgasm did something splendid to my sphincters, muscles, organs, and tissues, for suddenly Buck froze, deep inside me, and every muscle in his body tensed.

He came. I felt the thick cock expand in my bowels. After a second shot, he pulled the entire cock out of me with a single stroke, almost devastating me, but at the point of orgasm intensifying my feelings. He moved to my side to add his semen to the circle. Immediately, the others came with us. Cum was flying up in every direction, spurt after spurt after glorious spurt. I even saw the guard at the door adding his sperm from afar. The whole thing was wonderful to be a part of. I had never been with such a lusty group of sexy men before. Oh, I'd been in a few circle jerks, but this experience went way outside the league of simple circle jerk.

And I'd sucked and fucked before, too, but not at this heady level of open abandon and gang bang style. These men were mature, fit, strong and expert. They knew what they wanted and how to go about getting it, while protecting one another in the process. If I really were a member of their "wolf-pack", I guess I was happy about it. Buck put his arm around my shoulder and led me back to my shower. Someone had returned my soap to its dish. He grabbed it and lathered my back and ass, gave me the soap and I merrily lathered up his back and ass, too.

Then, with the atmosphere changing, we showered together as a group, laughing and talking all at once like innocent kids. The guard at the door joined us, and soon the two from outside came in, too. After a while, other men started entering the room, bleary-eyed and sleepy, and began their morning showers.

Everything quickly shifted back to normal. Or would it ever be normal again? I wondered, feeling like I was a little more grown up. Nothing was said as we left the showers to go our separate ways, leaving singly as though we didn't know one another. There were lots of questions I was eager to have answered.

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I wanted to talk, to share my excitement, to learn their names, to know when we'd get together again, but they all just sort of disappeared into the maze of stacked bunks and into the general hustle and bustle of morning routine as it was unfolding. But they couldn't leave the troopship, so I figured I'd be invited back to play, again, soon enough. In fact, I was dead certain of it. Rumors were flying around the ship about the multi-person jack-off that had taken place the night before, our third night at sea.

Everyone seemed to be gossiping about it.

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I, myself, kept silent because not only had I been involved in the instantly notorious session, I had, essentially, instigated the event. Our Navy hosts had randomly assigned bunks so that individuals from all the different outfits were scattered throughout the ship, rather than quartered together, I don't know why. This meant that someone from almost every outfit on the ship had witnessed the event, or, even more likely, had participated in it, and was now discussing it with his friends.

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The gossip was therefore traveling much, much faster than if only one or two outfits had been involved and were now trying to keep it quiet. Another important reason I was keeping quiet, though, was that when I went in to take a shower early that next morning, I became the very willing "target" of a group of ten sexy guys calling themselves the Wolf-Pack. It was a quick, quiet but very intense orgy, with lookout guards posted outside the showers to prevent interference and to direct early bathers away to other showers.

After a marathon of male sex, and without explanation, I was told I was newly initiated into the group. We had then separated before any of my questions could be asked. Later, at breakfast, I was reflecting on the Wolf-Pack and the exhilarating effects fucking around with them had had on me, rather than thinking about the group jack-off everyone was abuzz over.

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While I sat trying to eat, guys from my outfit who had heard I was assigned to the notorious quarters kept coming over to question me, wanting to know if I'd seen anything. I played it as coy as I dared and neither confirmed nor denied knowing anything. Their resultant unspoken attitude generally seemed to reflect what one guy said outright to me: "Sure you won't tell me anything, you shit, because you were jacking off with the rest of them and don't have the balls to admit it. What truly amazed me, though, was the very large number of men who were genuinely fascinated to learn exactly what had happened.

Really dying to know. Somehow, their interest seemed to go way beyond mere curiosity. It dawned on me, as they kept pestering me to tell them what had happened, that they were all just as horny as I had been before the relief I'd received from the night's group jack-off. Not to mention from the orgy with the Wolf-Pack. Now, on a ship that allowed no one privacy, open talk about a public jack-off was really putting everyone on edge.

I had to wonder, once again, why the Military had put us all on such a slow boat crossing the Pacific in the first place. But here we were on the fourth day. I was thankful I'd had the good fortune to join up with the Wolf-Pack, but I wondered how well others would hold up during the next 22 days at sea.

I had learned there were over four thousand soldiers and three hundred crewmen aboard. Well, if statistics are reliable, that meant a hefty number of us was gay. Plus a large number who wouldn't turn down a good blowjob. And possibly an even much larger number who wouldn't protest another public jack-off if it meant getting the sexual relief they all needed and wanted.

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